Charity Work

On 21st April 2013 I will be running the London Marathon - yes that's 26 and a bit miles! 

I am taking on this massive challenge to run and raise funds for the charity Spinal Research - they are funding pioneering research to develop treatments to repair the spinal cord and help people with broken necks, and backs to regain sensation and mobility. What more inspiration do I need to get me running!

One of my dearest friends was paralysed in a car accident and it really brought it home what a priviledge the gift of movement is - and something we should never take for granted. Every step I take now is a blessing.

I am aiming to raise at least £1800 for Spinal Research and I really need your help!  I would be grateful for any donations you can make and and for helping me to raise money for this incredible cause.

To make a donation please go to

"A journey of a thousand (or 26 and a bit!) miles begins with a single step." Lao-tzu