Divine Feminine Retreat & World Wide Womb Blessing


Divine Feminine Retreat & World Wide Womb Blessing

Awaken and Honour Your Divinity & Authentic Beauty 
with Jo Pitcher & Manjula Cote
Sunday 3rd December 

West Parley Memorial Hall, 275 Christchurch Road, BH22 8SQ

10.30am - 3.30pm

This divine retreat will begin with a gentle heart-centred flow yoga class. The practice will invite you to drop into your feminine essence and explore and nurture the needs of this aspect of yourself. This retreat offers a space for renewal and restoration of the divine feminine. The teachings are ones of self-care, understanding, intuition, compassion, forgiveness, creativity, healing, wisdom weaving, inner reflection and love.

We will experience and receive the beautiful World Wide Womb Blessing energy in a circle together as we awaken more of our authentic divine feminine energy. This blessing at midday is shared by thousands of women all over the world. Come and be a part of the depth of love, support and sense of belonging that it offers.

Ending the day with gentle movement and sound to integrate this blissful day into our bodies to take home and nurture as it continues to unfold in our life.

Booking essential. For more information contact Manjula on 07775632807.

Cost: £40.00.  WOMEN ONLY