Introducing Chiray

Chiray means energy and light and when these come together great change and healing can occur.  At the heart of our offerings is a passion to encourage people to……. reconnect with their inner and outer landscape, weave wisdom together, hear their heart’s desires and take time to smell the roses.  We offer retreats, workshops and classes - incorporating yoga, qi gong, meditation, herbal medicine, nutrition, ceremony and shamanic practices.

What We Offer

• Retreats, Workshops & Classes – Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, The Art of Natural Living, Hedgerow Medicine, Herbal Potions & Lotions, Shamanic Practices
• Reconnection to nature – both our inner and outer landscape.  Through meditation, nature walks, drum journeys and herbal creations.
• Treatments – Shamanic Healing, Earth Spirit Healing, Thai Massage, Readings
• Initiations – Munay Ki
• Ceremony – Sacred Women’s Groups, Cacao Ceremonies, Wheel of the Year, Full Moon, Tree Honouring


Manjula is the founder and principle teacher at Chiray. 

Manjula in Sanskrit means “beautiful and sweet.”  For her this represents the sweet nectar that flows through the veins when we drop into harmony with our true nature and the natural world around us.  At the heart of her practice is a passion to encourage people to learn the ancient wisdom, reconnect with their heart’s desires and take time to smell the roses.   It is her honour to hold space for those who need time to be still, for those who want to be heard and for those who seek nurture and knowing.
Our lives today are busy and full, and this has resulted in a loss of connection to the natural rhythms and cycles of life. 

The more we become removed from these the more disconnected we feel. Central to her treatments, workshops and retreats is the philosophy that the more present and in tune we are the more we awaken to our innate wisdom and healing mechanisms. Honouring the changing energies during the seasons, the moon cycle and the stages of life enables us to heighten our awareness to the shifting needs of the body, mind and spirit.  Working in this intuitive way enables us to increase our vibration and cultivate sustainable energy with which to grow. 

Through the use of nourishing foods, herbs, ceremony, movement and meditation Manjula believes we can create great change in our lives.  Working in harmony with the natural rhythms enables us to flow gracefully through life.  With this flow comes an openness and from this the potential to manifest the heart’s desires. 

Who is Manjula….

I love to live as a river flows, experiencing the ebb and flow, the twists and turns, the expansion and contraction as the path  leads to the great ocean of consciousness.  Life to me reveals itself in a series of miracles and the more connected I am the more I fall into this expansion.  I feel the inspiration of exploring all parts of myself and the world around me, celebrating both the light and shadow sides. 

Each opening is a new learning and each learning takes me closer to my truth.  Living life to the fullest is the only option for me, saying yes to each experience I feel will nourish me and unite me with my fullest potential.  I have many strings to my bow but at the heart of these is a love of connection, to myself and others. 

I am a lover and beloved, I am a fiery truth seeker, I am an Earth SiStar and a moon beam bather, I am an intuitive yoga teacher and a plant medicine woman.  My hearts medicine is gifted to me when I am in nature, when I connect my soul to that of mama Gaia and when I become still and open myself to her teachings.  I feel blessed to be part of a movement of change and I believe together we can create a new paradigm where love is the energy of creation.

The path I walk is one of a Shamanic practitioner, Yoga and Qi Gong Teacher, Body Worker, Herbalist, Nutritionist and Superfoodie. I have taught classes, workshops and retreats both nationally and internationally and my teaching style is intuitive, inspiring and joyful. I believe when we open ourselves up to the new and have the courage to step beyond our edge it creates a shift in consciousness and offers great potential for growth and change