Organic Flax Seed Oil


Organic Flax Seed Oil


The fresh oil of the flax seed is the richest omega 3 edible oil containing on average 55% linolenic acid. 

Cytoplan liquid flax seed oil is organic and has a rich deep golden colour with a wonderful, smooth, nutty taste.

Thisi s a fantastic source of Omega 3, especially for vegetarians and non-fish eaters.

It is genuinely cold-pressed, which means that it is unprocessed and that the fatty acid content will remain unharmed in the extraction.  

Flax seed oil is the richest known source of the unsaturated alpha-linolenic acid, necessary for physical health.

Fresh, unrefined flax oil contains lecithin and other phospholipids that help emulsify fats and oils for easier digestion and can contribute to physical health.

Flax seed oil also contains beta carotene and vitamin E.  These vitamins are necessary to stabilise the oil in both the bottle and the body.  

1-2 tablespoons daily.




Avoid if there is any deficiency of the liver, or if you are on antithrombotic drugs (e.g. Warfarin or Heparin).  Consult your doctor first.